STF announces partnership with TSE in program to combat disinformation

The president of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Luiz Fux, launched today (18) cooperation with the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) in actions that are part of the Court’s Program to Combat Misinformation during the election year.STF announces partnership with TSE in program to combat disinformationSTF announces partnership with TSE in program to combat disinformation

The president and deputy of the TSE, ministers Edson Fachin and Alexandre de Moraes, also participated in the announcement. Under the terms of the agreement, the courts will work together to “build a healthy and transparent information environment by discouraging the creation and dissemination of false statements and hate speech”.

The program is run by the Supreme Court’s communication and technology teams, focusing on contesting fake news about ministers, decisions and the Court itself, as well as disseminating correct information about the 2022 Elections and the functioning of the Judiciary.


During the announcement, Fux said that the program to combat disinformation aims, among several actions, “to prevent the proliferation, often invented, of speeches by ministers who have not even spoken”.

The president of the Supreme Court complained of “free attacks” suffered by the Court and defended the investigation of the fake newsas the secret investigation, reported by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, which investigates attacks against the Court and its ministers, became known.

The opening of the investigation was justified by “news of preparatory acts of terrorism against the Federal Supreme Court”, said Fux. This also justifies the secrecy of the process, he added.

Fux said that the information that the Supreme invades the competence of other Powers is false. “What the Supreme Court does is: when provoked, it manifests itself”, said the minister. “The judicialization of politics is nothing more than politicians provoking the Supreme Court,” he added.


In addition to the TSE, 34 other institutions are partners in the Supreme Court’s Program to Combat Misinformation, including 15 federal and state universities, which are part of the National Network to Combat Misinformation (RNCD-Brasil).

The STF also announced two partnerships with private companies. one, with the startup Positus Information Technology and Whatsapp support, provides for the creation of a chatbot to provide procedural and jurisprudence consultations, among other services of the Supreme Court.

THE Monday partnership is with Fasius Inteligência Jurídica, which, according to the Supreme Court, will provide the court with no cost to detect and analyze false messages about the STF on Twitter.

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