Stealing his cell phone, alleged motive for the murder of a 14-year-old teenager

Puerto Padre, Cuba. – Just at 3:50 in the afternoon this Monday and coming from Forensic Medicine, the corpse of the 14-year-old teenager and ninth grade student Darío Leyva Acosta arrived at his home, in the town of Maniabón, belonging to the municipality of Puerto Padre, Las Tunas, where a crowd had gathered.

Maniabón is a settlement of 6,345 inhabitants that has remained vigilant since the alarm was raised on Sunday for the disappearance of the adolescent. The search for the minor concluded on Monday morning with the discovery of his body.

The body had been buried on the surface of the ground and covered with branches, in a place where fill material is extracted called La Ballastrera and located not far from the town.

The minor, sociable and well-behaved, was the only child of a couple made up of a housewife and a farm worker in charge of self-consumption tasks in a sugarcane cooperative.

On Sunday morning, Leyva Acosta went out with a 24-year-old neighbor to hunt with a stone thrower. She had a cell phone with her, from which a call was made after the death of the minor, around 3:00 on Sunday afternoon.

Although at the time of writing this note the mobile phone that the victim was carrying and that was stolen had not been occupied, in the place where the body was found, according to the testimony of a person who participated in the search, the handle was found. of the stone thrower the boy was carrying. The garters, according to this source, were seized from the neighbor with whom Leyva Acosta left his home, and who is being held in the Las Tunas Provincial Criminal Operations and Investigations Unit, as the alleged perpetrator of the crime.

When he was urgently buried after 5:00 in the afternoon, due to the circumstances of the death, dozens of people had to wait in line to get to the coffin where the body of the boy was found, allegedly murdered to steal his cell phone.

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