Seguridad del Estado cita para “ser entrevistado” a periodista de CubaNet Nelson Julio Álvarez

State Security summons CubaNet journalist Nelson Julio Álvarez to “be interviewed”

MIAMI, United States.- The CubaNet journalist and LGBTI+ activist Nelson Julio Álvarez Mairata denounced this Wednesday afternoon that he was summoned for “an interview” with the Cuban State Security, as part of the constant process of harassment that this organism of the Cuban regime exercises against independent journalists on the island.

Nelson Julio must present himself this Thursday, August 4 at 10:30 in the morning at the PNR (National Revolutionary Police) station in Zapata y C, before First Lieutenant Roberto, with the aim of “being interviewed,” reads the document.

“While at home I received a call to my cell phone from a number that I didn’t have registered and I answered, it was First Lieutenant Roberto, that’s how he introduces himself,” Nelson Julio said in a phone call with CubaNet.

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The State Security agent asked the journalist if he was in the house, “when I answered yes, he told me to come out that he was at the door.”

According to the reporter, First Lieutenant Roberto told him that “he wanted to talk to me for two minutes, and then he hands me the summons, and tells me that the reason for the meeting is to discuss some legal issues,” he explained.

“He did not specify what those legal issues are,” said Nelson Julio, but “I imagine it is to talk about the new Penal Code, with which they have threatened me so many times and have threatened other colleagues as well,” he denounced.

“In recent interrogations I have been threatened with the new Criminal Code that will come into force 90 days after it appears in the Official Gazette. ´If you continue working for CubaNet we are not going to leave you alone,´ ” he warned her at the end of last mayin another interrogation, the same first lieutenant Roberto” who delivered the summons this Wednesday.

“In the last interrogation the threat was focused on the property of my house. Which is completely legal and up-to-date, but even so, he informed me that they will do the pertinent inquiries and they can take it away from me, ”Nelson said at the time on his Facebook profile.

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