State incentives have supported the creation of 486,719 new jobs

State incentives have supported the creation of 486,719 new jobs

The Ministry of Labor updated the number of jobs created from government subsidies in order to help recover the labor market figures after the shock of the covid-19 pandemic. According to information from the portfolio and the Pension and Parafiscal Management Unit (Ugpp), with the update of the March and April 2022 payrolls, 486,000 new jobs were exceeded.

(Countries in which Colombians can work without special permission).

“After knowing the endorsement of the Ugpp to the employers who applied to receive the incentives of the National Government for generating employment on the payrolls of March and April of this year, we are pleased to tell the country that to date and thanks to this mechanism 486,719 new jobs have been created”shared the Labor Minister, Ángel Custodio Cabrera Báez.

Among the subsidies approved to employers from July 2021 to April 2022, according to the Ugpp, there is already a figure of 369,228 new jobs in which young people between 18 and 28 years old have been linked; To these are added 64,479 women over 28 years of age and 53,012 men over 28 years of age who were integrated into the payroll of the private sector.

(Colombia, the country with the most work stress in Latin America).

By sectors, it is in wholesale and retail trade where the majority of employers have applied, with 4,870, followed by manufacturing industries, with 3,304; professional, scientific and technical activities (2,574); construction (2,023) and administrative and support services activities (1,623).

On the other hand, the departments where the most new jobs have been created are: Bogota with 224,171; Antioch with 90,778; Valle del Cauca with 40,213; Atlántico with 26,897, Santander with 20,536, Cundinamarca with 18,063, followed by Bolívar, Risaralda, Caldas, Norte de Santander and Metaamong others.


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