SSC works through chaos at Bad Bunny concert;  the Azteca points to Ticketmaster

SSC works through chaos at Bad Bunny concert; the Azteca points to Ticketmaster

On the occasion of the concert, the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City implemented a security and surveillance device, with a deployment of 2,795 elements and 107 vehicles.

The problem with the tickets caused jostling between attendees, so officials changed the placement of some of the fences to try to control access.

Representatives of the Azteca Stadium confirmed tonight that cases of duplication and/or falsification of tickets for the concert were detected by Ticketmaster elements.

The situation, they said, is totally unrelated to the sports venue.

“To guarantee the safety of all those attending the Bad Bunny concert, said accesses were canceled and all measures were taken with the support of private security personnel and the Secretary of Security,” they detailed.

They urged affected people to directly file their complaints with the Ticketmaster service.

The Azteca Stadium will also request reports on what happened from Ticketmaster and will evaluate the corresponding actions.

The Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office reported that it has requested Ticketmaster “a report explaining what has caused this situation with the tickets, which has been reported through social networks and the media.”

“Likewise, we call on affected consumers to present their complaints so that we can give them attention in the corresponding legal terms; and in the event that they are victims of forged tickets, guide them so that they go to the corresponding instances because it is the commission of a crime, ”he added.

Thousands of people did manage to access the Azteca Stadium. Bad Bunny jumped on stage and the party started.



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