Spotlight: the new educational series where Nairo Quintana, Andrea Echeverry and Pirry will participate

Spotlight: the new educational series where Nairo Quintana, Andrea Echeverry and Pirry will participate

Edutainment or educational entertainment is a model that has existed for several years, however, it has now become an increasingly important trend for the acquisition of new skills. According to the Time Spent Streaming tool, users spend 47 days watching content on Netflix and 83% of that time is spent on series. This shows a clear need for this type of content.

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With the aim of continuing to train Latin American collaborators with innovative formats, UBITS launches Spotlight, the first educational series for companies in Colombia. The audiovisual production has the participation of great Colombian personalities such as Nairo Quintana, Andrea Echeverri, Daniel Samper Ospina, Pirry, among others.

The first season, presented by the renowned journalist Alejandro Marín, has 4 chapters with a duration of between 15 and 17 minutes that will seek to answer questions related to the challenges of modern society.

“We explore questions that we feel anyone can ask and that can become relevant and can be a trigger for an interesting conversation. Questions as if it is still possible to conquer the world. As if new technologies are currently a double-edged sword. These topics contribute to the training of workers and are new ways of educating them,” says Marta Forero, co-founder and CPO of UBITS.

Learning through edutainment increases motivation, engagement and improves concentration, furthermore, it helps students understand theoretical concepts in a lucid way and provides hands-on experiences.

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Spotlight, will be on the UBITS Learn course platform and will be part of the portfolio of more than 800 contents for companies from Latin America, in addition to being available on YouTube.

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