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Split them in half: the order to kill is given

Havana Cuba. – The sinking of a speedboat where around 20 Cuban migrants were traveling with the intention of reaching the coast of the United States has shaken the Cuban community inside and outside the Island. The vehicle, treacherous rammed by a boat of the Border Guard Troopssank in territorial waters leaving eight dead, including a two-year-old girl and a pregnant woman.

The tragedy, which the Miguel Díaz-Canel regime was quick to describe as an “accident resulting from a frustrated attempt at human trafficking”, blaming the victims in passing, has revived that other disastrous chapter that occurred in July 1994: the sinking of the tugboat “March 13”, in which 72 people were traveling to Florida, of which 37 lost their lives – including 10 children – after a similar attack by the Border Guard Troops.

The similarity between both massacres is chilling. Perhaps the only thing that differentiates them is that the victims of the tugboat sank in the middle of the night darkness and the silence of a citizenry oblivious to their own misfortunes, well hidden by power. The news blockade suffered by the islanders was stronger than ever, and the only media that echoed the events, as they occurred, were those in exile.

Even today there are many Cubans who are unaware of what happened that morning when three Polargos rammed the tug until it submerged. The murder of the Bahia Honda migrants, on the other hand, is already in the public domain and all the accusations fall on the sole culprit, who believes that he can continue to act in the Internet age, as he did in the post-Soviet dark ages.

Another eight dead Cubans who go to the account of Miguel Díaz-Canel. Young, innocent, necessary Cubans who decided to leave this hotbed of poverty with no future to seek a decent life.

Splitting them in half was the order received by the border authorities, a uniformed criminal body that, far from protecting the migrants, murders them with impunity. They also tore the tugboat “March 13” to pieces while they drowned the passengers, already exhausted, with pressurized water jets, pushing them overboard.

History repeats itself with the same dose of terror. Once again the Cuban government has blamed the United States, as if the people did not already know who perpetrated the crime. Their names and positions circulate on social networks to be archived pending the day, ever closer, when justice is done for so many Cubans killed by the dictatorship.

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