Specialized Group: Cristian Turrini and others are transferred to Tacumbú

Specialized Group: Cristian Turrini and others are transferred to Tacumbú

A lawyer filed a challenge against the nomination of María Teresa González to the shortlist for the Supreme Court of Justice.

The note that requests to exclude María Teresa González de Daniel from the list of shortlisted candidates, the only woman among the candidates to fill the vacancy left by Antonio Fretes.

The author of the request is the lawyer Federico Campos López Moreira, who accuses González of not correcting the acts of prevarication by prosecutors and guarantee judges of Luque. The document says that the magistrate “has omitted” (sic) to observe and analyze said acts.

The case is related to the Ramón González Daher case, convicted of usury, money laundering and false accusations. According to the lawyer, the victim of the alleged false accusations was Ramón Zubizarreta, who presented an incident that could have freed him from the case, but which was rejected by González de Daniel.

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The doctor María Teresa González, with a thesis on family violence and femicide in Paraguay, obtained the votes to integrate the shortlist, in the 22nd round of the Council.

The other two members of the shortlist are Gustavo Santander and Gustavo Ocampos. The shortlist will be sent toto the Chamber of Senators, which must choose between one of them and subsequently refer it to the Executive for the constitutional agreement and confirmation.

All this search process is due to the vacancy left by Antonio Fretes, who retired upon reaching the age of 75 that requires retirement.

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