Spain ordered the blocking of an account in Luxembourg allegedly linked to Nervis Villalobos

Spain ordered the blocking of an account in Luxembourg allegedly linked to Nervis Villalobos

The Spanish court asked Luxembourg to freeze an account that has 40 million euros and that is associated with former vice minister Nervis Villalobos, thus proceeding with an appeal by the Prosecutor’s Office that was introduced in November when Judge María Tardón refused to exercise that action.

The National Court of Spain asked Luxembourg to block an account with 40 million dollars that, presumably, is linked to the former Vice Minister of Electric Power, Nervis Villalobos, thus giving effect to a request from the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor to freeze that account while the case is being investigated. case on the embezzlement of Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA).

According to an edict of the Criminal Chamber of the Spanish National Court, the magistrates consider that it is “necessary” to order the freezing of that account in Luxembourg and to be able to “ensure any civil liabilities that could accrue from one of the investigated”, thus revoking the decision made. by judge María Tardón, of the central investigative court number three, who said that such a measure was not necessary.

Despite this, Nervis Villalobos continues to be the subject of an investigation as part of the corruption network against PDVSA that dates back to 2018, when the Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit (UDEF) then identified “a new operation suspected of money laundering that would have been carried out” by the former deputy minister.

In this sense, the UDEF made some checks and confirmed with Luxembourg that they had blocked an account with 40 million euros from the company “Mirabaud & CIE SA” in the name of a company (CVGN Enterprises Group Limited), in which Villalobos appears as owner thereof. Judge Tardón was aware of this information but did not order an investigation.

Nervis Villalobos, according to the Criminal Chamber of the National Court of Spain, was dismissed just like his wife in the case of knowing if he and other partners had received money from the Bank of Madrid for an “advisory contract” that had not been practiced and that had a value of 10 million euros.

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On the other hand, within the framework of this PDVSA case, Judge Tardón continues to investigate in another piece, in which Villalobos is not accused, alleged “dissimulation and camouflage operations, with the purpose of defrauding it and obtaining an illicit benefit”, that they would have been carried out “through a network of commercial companies and intermediaries.”

The National Court of Spain, through Judge María Tardón, agreed on the Thursday, September 1 of 2022 the provisional dismissal of a piece of the case of alleged irregularities carried out in Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) to appropriate large amounts of money in which Nervis Villalobos, former Vice Minister of Electric Power, is linked.

For the moment, the case against Villalobos, his wife (who was identified with the acronym MC) and another citizen, who was named with the initials AGP, in a case related to the entry of about 10 million dollars through a contract between the company Kingsway LDA, of the former vice minister and his partner, and another company called Miami Export Equipment.

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