España considera crimen de guerra últimos bombardeos sobre Ucrania FOTO: FUENTE EXTERNA

Spain considers the latest Russian bombing attacks on Ukraine a war crime

Madrid, (EFE).- The Spanish government condemned this Thursday the latest Russian bombardments on Ukrainian territory and described them as war crimes, in addition to a violation of International Law.

In a statement, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs criticizes that Russia has deliberately directed its attacks against civilian targets and critical infrastructure such as power plants, leaving millions of Ukrainians without heat, water or electricity in the dead of winter, which could unleash a new crisis. humanitarian in the country.

It conveys Spain’s condolences to the families and relatives of the victims and takes the opportunity to reaffirm its support for the sovereignty of Ukraine, and to call for Russia to cease its armed aggression and immediately withdraw from the neighboring country.

The Russian Army launched a new massive missile attack on Wednesday against kyiv and other Ukrainian cities that caused at least four fatalities and around thirty injuries, and occurred shortly after the European Parliament declared Russia a state sponsor of terrorism.

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