Spain appoints ambassador to Caracas two years later

Spain appoints ambassador to Caracas two years later

Spain already has ambassador in Caracas, two years later. The diplomat Ramón Santos Martínez, who served as charge d’affaires of the Spanish legation in the Venezuelan capital, is chosen to replace Jesús Silva, who was removed from Caracas in November 2020 after being accused of facilitating the departure to Spain of the fugitive from Venezuelan justice, Leopoldo López.

Ramón Santos Martínez, held the position of Chargé d’Affaires in Venezuela since November 2021, the highest diplomatic representation in the country since the position of ambassador became vacant.

Santos Martínez was also ambassador of Spain in Panama (2015 – 2019) and in Bolivia (2008 – 2012), and was assigned to the Spanish embassies in Washington, Brussels-EU and Quito.

Santos has headed the Spanish Embassy since 2021, when he replaced the current Secretary of State for Ibero-America, Juan Fernández-Trigo, who was chosen by the Spanish government to improve relations with Caracas after his visit to Havana, the newspaper reports. The World of Spain.

The Spanish measure, expected for weeks, comes after the return to Caracas of several Latin American governments and the resumption of negotiations in Mexico.

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