We can open disciplinary proceedings against deputy Arthur do Val

SP: deputies ask for the impeachment of Arthur do Val after sexist speeches

The rapporteur of the case against state deputy Arthur do Val (União-SP), at the Ethics Council of the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo (Alesp), Delegado Olim (PP), asked for the removal of the parliamentary mandate. He delivered the report to the collegiate this Thursday (7).SP: deputies ask for the impeachment of Arthur do Val after sexist speeches

The Council scheduled a meeting for next Tuesday (12) when it will propose that the disciplinary measure of loss of mandate be applied to Deputy Arthur do Val. Val is the target of 21 representations from colleagues, who ask for his impeachment on account of sexist audios of the parliamentarian during a humanitarian trip to Ukraine due to the Russian invasion.

For the rapporteur Delegate Olim, Arthur do Val broke parliamentary decorum by saying, in leaked audios, that Ukrainian refugee women were “easy because they were poor”.

In a note, deputy said he “receives with tranquility the report made by the rapporteur of the Ethics Commission of the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo”.

“The parliamentarian has no doubt that his peers will be convinced that the mistake he made – for which he has already apologized – should not be punished with the mandate. The comments that were the subject of representation in the Ethics Council, even if improper, do not constitute a crime and were not made during parliamentary activity, since Arthur do Val was on leave from his mandate,” added the note sent by the congressman’s press officer. .

sexist speeches

Deputy Arthur do Val went to Ukraine in the midst of the war in the country, and after leaving the country, on the border with Slovakia, the deputy sent an audio to friends, praising the beauty of Ukrainian refugees. He then stated that he intends to return to Eastern Europe and said that women there are “easy” because they are poor.

“As soon as this war is over I will come back here. And detail, they look. And they are easy, because they are poor. And here my Instagram letter, full of subscribers, works great. I didn’t catch anyone, we didn’t have time, but I glued to two groups of mines and it’s unbelievable how easy it is”, he said in the audio sent in a private group on WhatsApp.

Upon arrival in Brazil, the deputy gave interviews confirming that he was the author of the audio and withdrew his pre-candidacy for the government of the state of São Paulo. He claimed to have made “a mistake in a moment of excitement”.

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