SP bus drivers and conductors strike again today

Due to the strike of bus drivers and collectors that has been taking place since dawn today (29), the city of São Paulo suspended the municipal vehicle rotation. Therefore, cars with final plates 5 and 6 can circulate through the expanded center at any time. The exclusive lanes and bus lanes will be free for passenger cars for the duration of the strike.SP bus drivers and conductors strike again todaySP bus drivers and conductors strike again today

The rotation of plates for heavy vehicles (trucks) and the other restrictions will continue to apply normally: Zone of Maximum Restriction on the Movement of Trucks (ZMRC) and the Zone of Maximum Restriction on Chartering (ZMRF). The Blue Zone will also function normally.

The strike was unanimously approved in the workers’ assembly yesterday afternoon (28), on the grounds that after all the deadlines granted to the employer sector, no response was issued on the claims. The strike should last 24 hours, if the employer sector does not manifest.

The category also approved a new assembly for 4 pm today.

According to the SP Drivers and Collectors Union (Sindimotoristas), although they have guaranteed a salary readjustment of 12.47% on salaries and meal tickets, the employers’ sector decided to ignore all other items on the category’s claims agenda, such as paid lunch time, PLR, adjustment of nomenclatures and career plans in the maintenance sector, among others.

“Two months have passed since our negotiations and the bosses have shown themselves to be intransigent, asking for deadlines, patience and putting off decisions. The category is tired of this bullshit,” said the union’s acting president, Valmir Santana da Paz.

Trial in the TRT

The first stoppage took place on the 14th, after a conciliation hearing ended without an agreement in the afternoon of the previous day at the Regional Labor Court (TRT) in São Paulo. After an agreement with the city hall, the workers returned to their posts in the late afternoon.

Early this morning, Mayor Ricardo Nunes said that he was taken by surprise by the stoppage and that there is no point in this strike taking place, because the biggest issue was the 12.47% readjustment in salary and vouchers. meal has already been granted, including the retroactive effect of May.

“The other issues were pending for the Regional Labor Court (TRT) and the hearing was brought forward to today, at 3 pm, as requested by the city hall last week. There is no point in harming 1.5 million people over an issue that is going to be judged today,” he said.

Nunes also criticized the union’s stance for not being complied with the Court’s determination to keep 80% of the fleet at peak hours and 60% during the rest of the day. According to him, the local transport system is fully functional, but the structural system is not.

The mayor stressed that he will ask the union for an explanation of the reason for this action “against the city of São Paulo the people who work, live and visit the city”.

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