South Peruvian Gas Pipeline: Estudio Echecopar is included in criminal proceedings to assume eventual civil compensation

The Judiciary approved the request of the Ad Hoc Attorney General for the Lava Jato case so that Estudio Echecopar be incorporated as a civilly responsible third party in the case “” (GSP).

Consequently, said law firm will jointly and severally assume, together with the rest of those investigated, an eventual payment of the civil compensation that is imposed at the end of the criminal process, in which the alleged crimes in the award of the project are investigated. as reported by the Ad Hoc Attorney’s Office.

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The thesis of the Public Ministry indicates that the Echecopar Study was hired as an advisor to Proinversión to prepare a legal report that justified the allegedly irregular disqualification of the competitor Gasoducto Peruano del Sur consortium.

With this maneuver they favored the winning consortium which was made up of the Brazilian company Odebrecht and the Spanish company Enagás.

The legal report issued by the aforementioned study was signed by the lawyers Jorge Danós and Sofía Reyna. Likewise, the criminal investigation is in charge of the prosecutor Geovana Mori of the Lava Jato Special Team of the Public Ministry.

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To date, the Ad Hoc Attorney General’s Office for the Lava Jato case has requested in this investigation the preliminary amounts of civil compensation that amount to US$ 1,302′354,891.26 Y S/ 200,603.13for the damages caused to the Peruvian State.

“This decision represents an important judicial milestone in ensuring civil reparations, since it is the first law firm included in a criminal proceeding under the Lava Jato scheme as a civilly responsible third party, with a view to paying eventual compensation to favor of the State”, indicated the ad hoc prosecutor Silvana Carrión Ordinola.


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