Sorrows and World Cup manifestations

Sorrows and World Cup manifestations

Soccer is a sport that has its chiaroscuro, not everything is always joy, goals and celebration. That light side is balanced by the behavior of fans in various places around the world with the outcome of a match.

We are already accustomed to having in our country important football matches between clubs with many followers. The so-called barras bravas generate troubles and riots whose consequences we always regret.

The World Cup that is played in Qatar is not a club championship but a country championship and for this reason it has a more intense weight than club tournaments, which can also end with prisoners for having destroyed premises, vehicles and harming the health and even the lives of people who wanted to enjoy watching a football game in peace. These bad habits have become a reality in nothing more and nothing less than in France, as a result of the Qatar 2022 semifinal between the world champion and Morocco.

The victory of France caused the discomfort of the Moroccan community living in that country and which was a former French colony in Africa. The result resulted in street fights and destruction of public and private places. He brought out the worst and the pain in which many of the immigrants live in French territory.

deep pains

Unfortunately, the time afterward was not as pleasant as it was during the game that placed France in the final, scheduled for this Sunday at noon with Argentina.

One of the titles that travels the world says that “during the celebrations

Moment that the peaceful fan especially of soccer we hope to see and have happy news in the three important moments of the party; the previous, during and after the World Cup Qatar 2022.

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