Wide repudiation of leaders and officials to the ruling against the Vice President

Soria: "The government of Cambiemos created a mafia that set up a parallel State"

Soria denounced the formation of a “parallel State”. Photo Maximiliano Luna.

The Minister of Justice, Martín Soriadenounced that directors of Grupo Clarín entered the Casa Rosada 25 times during the Presidency of Mauricio Macri and considered that, during the management of Cambiemos, today Together for Change, “a mafia that set up a true parallel State” was created.

The minister also linked these accesses to the headquarters of the Executive Power with the trip made last October by magistrates, Buenos Aires officials and media businessmen to Lago Escondido, a place in the Río Negro mountain range where the British magnate Joe Lewis owns land.

On his Twitter account, Soria presented a list of the 25 entries what was there to Government House by Jorge Rendoa senior executive of the multimedia company led by Héctor Magnetto, from Macri’s inauguration until the end of his term.

In a context marked by the leak of messages from a WhatsApp group that traveled to the mansion of British businessman Joe Lewis in the Patagonian town with the expenses covered by the media group, Soria stated that, “to understand what Clarín was doing in Lago Escondido with federal judges and chambers, officials from Juntos por el Cambio and ex-directors of the SIDE, it is necessary to know that, for four years, the meeting place was the Casa Rosada itself”.

“This is how the macrista mafia set up a true parallel state”remarked the holder of the judicial portfolio.

Then, in statements to Radio 10, Soria confirmed that, “Before, the meetings (of these people) were held in La Rosada, in Quinta de Olivos, and today, they do so in Lago Escondido”.

“Nothing surprises us anymore, there is an idea of ​​a parallel state,” he added.

During the presidency of Mauricio Macri, 25 entries from Jorge Rendo to Casa Rosada were registered
During the presidency of Mauricio Macri, 25 entries from Jorge Rendo to Casa Rosada were registered.

Regarding the judicial investigation into the possible crime of bribes in relation to that trip to Lago Escondido, the national official said that “a search was carried out at Lewis’s house and the phones of those who manage the magnate’s properties were kidnapped.” .

Along these lines, he added: “We are asking that the phones of all those who participated in the Lago Escondido meeting be seized, but there is a double standard in justice.”

He also indicated that from the Ministry they requested “to be plaintiffs in the Lago Escondido case” but that the Justice denied them that possibility, for which they appealed the measure.

Regarding the situation of the Judiciary and its links with a sector of the opposition, media groups and businessmen, Soria stated that “many lawfare actors maintain their power.”

“Today we are seeing that they do and undo whatever, first to preserve themselves and then to continue doing what they did during 2016 to 2019,” he lashed out.

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