Soraya Thronicke signs commitment to Child Friendly President

Soraya Thronicke signs commitment to Child Friendly President

The candidate for the Presidency of the Republic for União Brasil, Soraya Thronicke, signed this afternoon (18) the commitment with the President Amigo da Criança, from Fundação Abrinq. This is the sixth edition of the program, which invites presidential candidates to make commitments to protect children and adolescents.

With about 30 pages, the document has 18 commitments divided into five main themes: income security for children and adolescents; child food and nutrition security; well-being with healthy living; inclusive, equitable and quality education; and the peculiar condition of children and adolescents as people in development.

“All these commitments from the Presidente da Criança program are extremely important. And there is no way to talk about children and adolescence without mentioning education as a priority, especially regarding more advanced models of methodology. No less important: we must eradicate hunger and strengthen vaccination campaigns. Abrinq’s work fills a gap in the Brazilian state, which, unfortunately, does not assume, does not fulfill, does not honor its obligations,” said the candidate.

Soraya stressed that, in addition to treating education as a priority, he will invest in teachers and approach the private sector. “Investing in teachers and providing a more favorable school environment, but above all, bringing the private sector to contribute and collaborate in these vacuums that we have today in education”.

The signing of the term took place at the headquarters of the Abrinq organization, in Vila Uberabinha, in the south of the city of São Paulo. The president of Abrinq, Synésio Batista da Costa; the organization’s executive manager, Victor Graça, and the leader of the Presidente Amigo da Criança program, Thiago Battaglini.

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