Sopocachi opens viaduct with murals and promises

Sopocachi opens viaduct with murals and promises

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With the intonation of the national anthem, Mayor Iván Arias, councilors and representatives of the residents, among other guests, began the inauguration of the Belisario Salinas Viaduct last night. In this way, Sopocachi premieres this work that promises to decongest at least four routes.

“This work is for the people of La Paz. It is the beginning of more works and now comes the renovation of the Abaroa square. It will have dancing waters”, the Mayor said last night.

Many of the neighbors highlighted the work. “It was worth the wait because we needed passability,” said neighbor Carmen Urquieta.

Three murals were painted on the viaduct that portray 12 native animals, such as the hummingbird, the Andean deer, the Andean fox, lizards, the frog, the vizcacha, chinchilla, thoko toad, the Andean woodpecker, Andean gull and mauri or fish. . The Mayor asked the people of La Paz not to destroy the works of art.

One of the murals that was embodied in the brand new Belisario Salinas de Sopocachi viaduct.
Photo: Víctor Gutiérrez / Page Seven

With the inauguration of the viaduct, from today, vehicular traffic from Sopocachi to Miraflores through Pedro Salazar Street and the Bridge of the Americas is rehabilitated, also from Miraflores to Sopocachi through the Twin Bridge and the aforementioned viaduct to Plaza Abaroa. Arce Avenue will once again be only uphill, according to the Secretary of Mobility and Citizen Security, Enrique Villanueva.

The municipal official indicated that with this modification the Bridge of the Americas will be only one way to Miraflores from Plaza Isabel La Católica, since its road pair, which is the Twin Bridge, will allow the reverse connection; From Miraflores, the vehicles will enter the viaduct to exit to Av. Sánchez Lima, after crossing the intersections of 6 de Agosto and 20 de Octubre avenues.

Another change is the direction of circulation on Av. Arce, which will return to the way it was before the construction of the viaduct, only going up. From the avenues 6 de Agosto and 20 de Octubre you can enter the Belisario Salinas over the viaduct to reach the Av. Ecuador.

The work began to be built in March 2020 and the viaduct began on June 26 of that year. The building should have been delivered on May 1 and the company was fined for this delay.

From today until the next few days, in Sopocachi, the Municipal Guard will help drivers to take the correct roads.

Balloons and decorations with the mayor’s colors were seen at the inauguration, and many members of his party also participated.

How can the viaduct be used?

  • One With the opening of the tunnel, the vehicles that pass through the Twin Bridge will be able to go directly to the Belisario Salinas and avoid the avenues 20 de Octubre and 6 de Agosto to connect directly with the Sánchez Lima.
  • Two Pedro Salazar will return to its original direction of descent and will allow drivers who are in Sopocachi to reach Plaza Isabel la Católica more easily.
  • Three The Secretary of Mobility of the Mayor’s Office, Enrique Villanueva, explained that with these modifications the Bridge of the Americas will once again be one-way. “It will be one way towards Miraflores, since its pair of roads, which is the Twin Bridge, will allow the reverse connection. From Miraflores the vehicles will enter the Belisario Salinas Viaduct to exit onto Sánchez Lima Avenue after crossing (underneath) the intersections of 6 de Agosto and 20 de Octubre Avenues,” he said.

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