Daniel Arturo Rosales Frixione

Son of former magistrate Francisco Rosales is found guilty of manslaughter

The Rivas Trial Criminal District judge, Mario Barberena, found guilty Daniel Arturo Rosales Frixioneson of the deceased former Ortega magistrate Francisco Rosales, for the murder of a couple from Rivas, whom the defendant rammed with his truck on a section of the Pan-American highway.

The accident that claimed the life of Pedro Joaquin Cubillo Quiroz30 years old, and that of his wife, Eilish Milagro Mora Torrez, 23, occurred at night on March 21. That night, both were accompanied by their 18-month-old son, who made a satisfactory recovery weeks after the traffic accident, but is at risk of suffering physical deformity.

In the accusation presented by the Prosecutor’s Office, it is argued that according to all the evidence carried out by the forensic doctor, Rosales Frixione was driving under extreme drunkenness and drugged by the effects of marijuana and cocaine.

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In addition, it indicates that the defendant, after committing the homicide, fled the place, abandoning the deceased and his little son.

The victims of Daniel Rosales Frixione, the ones he rammed while driving drunk and under the influence of drugs, according to IML forensics. Photo: Courtesy

On the same day of the accident, the van that the son of the former Sandinista magistrate was driving went viral on social networks, as different citizens shared his photograph when it was badly parked outside a shopping center. It was visible in the images that the driver was not in his right mind, as he parked on a platform in the local parking lot.

In this sense, the court found Daniel Arturo Rosales Frixione guilty of the crimes of homicide, very serious injuries and exposure and abandonment of people. The guilty verdict was handed down on Tuesday, June 27.

Evidence that Rosales Frixione fled the scene of the accident without offering assistance to the victims was critical to the guilty verdict against him, treating the incident as a criminal act, rather than a simple traffic accident.

Judge Barberena scheduled a new hearing for next July 3, in which the prison sentence that Rosales Frixione must serve will be determined.

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