Son of Evo says he is leaving ABC so as not to be involved in collecting bribes

Son of Evo says he is leaving ABC so as not to be involved in collecting bribes

September 16, 2022, 10:58 PM

September 16, 2022, 10:58 PM

24 hours after it was published that Álvaro Morales Peredo, son of former President Evo Morales, worked at the Bolivian Highway Administrator (ABC), He decided to present his resignation from the post. The letter explains the reasons why he decides to leave and, among them, alludes to the fact that he does not want to appear involved in the bribe collection case.

“I do not want my name (to be) handled by the media when trying to get involved with respect to the latest drastic events of the institution as they mentioned in certain media outlets on 09/15/2022, therefore, I prefer to step aside (from) the institution and rethink my goals”, states the central part of his letter.

On Thursday, a publication from the Sin Mordaza portal was revealed that revealed the labor link between Álvaro Morales and the controversial road institution whose president, Henry Nina, was linked to the collection of a millionaire bribe.

In his farewell letter, Morales states that he is a civil engineer, but he had the position of “technician 2” which does not correspond to a professional. The youngest son of the former president also points out that he had to “analyze documents”, although the position he had was that of “coordinator with social movements”.

The Ministry of Public Works, on which ABC depends, shelters in its ranks the so-called “blue warriors” who are a group commanded by the minister himself, Edgar Montaño. The authority admitted that it directs this group of officials who attend all the mass calls made by the Executive.

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