Some 600,000 people throughout the country relieve house by house

Some 600,000 people throughout the country relieve house by house

The face-to-face census operation began: some 600,000 people carry out the house-to-house survey


The final stage of the 2022 National Census began this Wednesday at 8, with the start of the house-to-house survey throughout the country in charge of more than 600 thousand people, including urban and rural census takers and national and provincial coordinators, within the framework of a day that was declared a national holiday, after the digital modality concluded, which was enabled for two months .

The traditional face-to-face operation, which will last until 6 p.m.will encompass 15 million homes throughout the country and each census taker will wear a bib with the number 0800-345-2022, where queries and complaints can be made throughout the day; an identification card with your name, surname and document number, a QR code and a bag with the official logo of the 2022 Census.

Photo: German Pomar

The census will return statistical data on the number of inhabitants of Argentina, the infrastructure conditions of their homes, their educational levels, their self-perceived gender identity and whether they recognize themselves as indigenous or descendants of native peoples or Afro-descendants or of black or African ancestors, among other information.

The 2010 Census, the last edition made in the countrytwelve years ago, had reported a total of 40,117,096 inhabitants.

On this occasion, the census structure, in numbers, will be divided into 458,000 census takers of private homes, 60,000 radio chiefs, 50,000 collective housing agents and 18,000 assistant chiefs or fraction chiefs.

The operation in Mar del Plata Photo Diego Izquierdo
The operation in Mar del Plata. Photo: Diego Izquierdo.

The objective is to census more than 15 million homes and more than 45 million people, as indicated.

“We distribute more than 300,000 census kits throughout the country, all the organization and investment is very large around being able to have this essential information,” said the director of Indec, Marco Lavagna.

Thus, this Wednesday, decreed National holidaythe operation will take place in private homes in urban areas throughout the Argentine territory, where census takers will conduct face-to-face interviews with those who have not completed the digital questionnaire or will request proof of completion of the digital Census, where appropriate .

Ro Gallegos Photo Walter Daz
Rio gallegos. Photo: Walter Diaz

The Census consists of four operatives: rural homes, collective homes (prisons, hospitals, nursing homes or naval bases), homeless people and urban homes that will be registered this Wednesday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The National Census of Collective Housing of the Penitentiary Service 2022 was carried out in a coordinated manner between the Indec, the Ministries of Economy and Justice and Human Rights of the province of Buenos Aires, and the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service (SPB).

The operation, which began on Wednesday, May 11 and ended on Tuesday night, involved 258 census takers belonging to the SPB, who registered people deprived of their liberty housed in 57 prisons and 9 city halls belonging to the province of Buenos Aires.

Rosario Photo Sebastian Granata
Rosary beads. Photo: Sebastian Granata.

The questionnaire delved into information on levels of education achieved; place of birth; if they have health coverage; and, in the case of foreigners, they were asked what year they arrived in Argentina, among other questions.

In the case of the operation to register homeless people, 265 census takers were involved who visited around 75 locations throughout the country, being the first time that an operation of this singularity has been carried out.

During the traditional operation, the 2022 Census will have accessibility strategies to facilitate the registration of people with disabilitiesas part of an accessibility plan developed by Indec together with the National Disability Agency (Andis).

In this way, both the census takers and the people to be registered will be able to consult the ANDIS WhatsApp (011-2478-4746) about accessibility strategies, request specific advice and also support.

In addition, users of Argentine Sign Language (LSA) may request an interpretation service by video call.

City of Buenos Aires Photo Eva Cabrera
Buenos aires city. Photo: Eva Cabrera.

In all operations, Census takers will wear a bib with the image of the 2022 Census and the telephone number of the help desk (0800-345-2022), in addition to a credential with your personal data (name, surname and DNI).

Those who do not respond or lie about the data must pay a minimum fine of $1,076.36, while the maximum penalty can reach $106,799.35.

The 2010 Census, the last edition carried out in Argentina, reported 40,117,096 inhabitants and the operation scheduled for 2020 had to be postponed two years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

City of Buenos Aires Photo Eva Cabrera
Buenos aires city. Photo: Eva Cabrera.

Santa Fe

The 2022 National Census took place in the province of Santa Fe with “total normality” on a cool and sunny day, with an operation involving around 64,000 people and that it was facilitated by the high adherence to the digital modality, since the percentage was “close to 50%” of households.

This was reported at a press conference by the director of the Provincial Institute of Statistics and Censuses (IPEC), Gabriel Frontons, who predicted that the district will have “a very good census.”


The Governor of Misiones Oscar Herrera Ahuad, joined this Wednesday as a volunteer to the work carried out by census takers in person.

“The work of this day will be essential to know the progress we have achieved and what we still need,” said the provincial president in his tour of an area of ​​the city of Posadas, official sources reported.

For her part, the executive director of the Provincial Institute of Statistics and Censuses (IPEC), Silvana Dea Labat, told Télam that the census in Misiones “is going very well and without setbacks.”

Misiones Governor Oscar Herrera Ahuad joined this Wednesday as a volunteer
The governor of Misiones, Oscar Herrera Ahuad, joined this Wednesday as a volunteer.


With 59,000 census takers deployed throughout the province and more than 45% of homes already surveyed digitally, the face-to-face operation of the 2022 National Census could end well before the scheduled time as closure in much of the population of Córdoba.

The general director of Statistics and Censuses of the province, Daniel Ortega, assured Télam that although the data of the digital census that closed at 8 this Wednesday was not updated, until Tuesday night “45.5% of the total of the houses in the province had completed” with this modality.

Cordoba Photo Laura Lescano
Cordova. Photo: Laura Lescano.

Buenos Aires

A total of 8,054,387 homes in the 135 municipalities of the province are registered between 8 and 18 this Wednesday, of which 98.5% are in urban areas.

The face-to-face operation coordinated by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec) is carried out by some 300,000 people.

Land of Fire

Invitations to answer the 2022 National Census questionnaire inside homes, in some cases with breakfast in between; the land with more than one home and several pets turned into witnesses of the operation, characterized one of the routes of the national census takers in the city of Ushuaia.

Ushuaia Photo Cristian Urrutia
Ushuaia. Photo: Cristian Urrutia


A total of 33,743 census takers carried out the operation of the National Census 2022 in the homes of Mendozawhere the movement in the streets was almost nil due to the holiday.

The statistical authorities of the province highlighted that almost 44 percent of the inhabitants of the district chose to complete the digital form, which was allowing the work of the face-to-face survey to be accelerated.

Santiago del Estero

In the province, this morning was a different day not only because it was the first frost of the year in the capital of Santiago -the thermal sensation was -2.1º at 6 o’clock-, but because there was little movement in the streets, except in the schools, where from 7 o’clock, the census takers and radio chiefs were already organizing to go out and carry out the surveys.

The note of the day was provided by Lorenzo, a parrot that received the census taker singing “Perón, Perón, how great you are!”

Santiago del Estero Photo Emilio Rapetti
Santiago del Estero. Photo: Emilio Rapetti.


The survey was carried out by the heads of each base, who carried out videoconference training and organized the development of the census in coordination with INDEC, the National Antarctic Directorate (DNA), the Joint Antarctic Command and the provincial government of Tierra del Fuego. , Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands.

As established by the Indec, To facilitate data processing, each base was considered as a single dwelling.

Antarctica Photo Ministry of Defense
Antarctica. Photo: Ministry of Defense


Some 25,000 census takers go through the different neighborhoods of the province on a cold, sunny day with little movement in the streetswhere 44.41% previously completed the form digitally.

The union of the Union Tranviarios Automotor (UTA) confirmed that despite the strike in force for 72 hours decreed from Tuesday at 0, public transport does work on Wednesday.

“The transfer of the census taker from their homes to the assigned schools is guaranteed, and then their return,” said the director of Statistics of Tucumán, Raúl García.

Some 25 thousand census takers go through the different neighborhoods of the province on a cold sunny day and with little movement in the streets
Some 25,000 census takers go through the different neighborhoods of the province on a cold, sunny day with little movement in the streets.

The Rioja

The provincial chief of staff, Juan Luna, reported that 33% of the province’s population responded digitally.

The official added that 6,000 census takers went out to collect data from about 40 homes each, between one and two blocks. The day is carried out as normal.

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