Some 50,000 users have already signed up for the Do Not Call registry

During the first week of implementation, some 50 thousand users signed up for the Do Not Call registry to avoid phone calls from unknown numbers that offer cell phone promotions, credit or debit cards or discounts.

According to the newspaper El País and confirmed The Observer with the national director of Telecommunications, Guzmán Acosta y Lara, 50,000 people signed up for the registry between April 30when it started to workand last Friday, May 6.

More than 30,000 of the registered users are from the state telephone company Antel, while the rest are from Movistar and Claro. Acosta and Lara told The Observer that go in line with the market share of each company.

The last Telecommunications Market Report carried out by the Communications Services Regulatory Unit (Ursec) revealed that Antel increased its advantage over the competition in mobile services. According to the document of second semester of 2021 closed to December 2021 and disclosed on Thursday, April 29, Antel had 47% of the market with 2.2 million mobile telephony services. For its part, Movistar owned 1.48 million (32%) and Claro with about 983 thousand (21%).

Acosta and Lara assessed the numbers after the first week of the Do Not Call registry and considered: “I know It showed that there were people who had this concern and wanted to use the right not to be disturbed”. “It was a good measure in that more than 50 thousand people in a few days interpreted that there was an abusive use of the telephone medium as a means of contact”he added.

According to the head of the National Directorate of Telecommunications (Dinatel), Do Not Call registry ordered the contact of promotions, services and gifts not requested by customers. However, the chief noted:This is nothing against advertising campaigns, whether direct or through call centers”.

How to sign up for Do Not Call

On Saturday, April 30, the National Do Not Call Registrywhich allows users to sign up for a list that excludes them from calls with ads or cell phone offers, credit or debit cards or discounts on some service, coming from unknown numbers.

The record was created by article 181 of the law of Accountability 2020 and entered into force on January 1, 2022. However, the government had a period of up to 120 days to regulate it and President Luis Lacalle Pou ended up signing the decree on April 22.

Enrollment prevents the user receive calls, text messages and communications through WhatsApp and Telegrambut it does not prevent the arrival of emails.

According to the law, the telephone companies (Antel, Claro, Movistar) will provide three means to sign up for the registry: through the website of each companyso face-to-face, in the places that the companies determine, or by SMS 6622.

You can call 6622 to register a landline, call *6622 or send a message to 6622 with the word high and the ID number to register a cell phone, or presenting yourself at any commercial office of the telephone companies.

In case you want to lower the registration number, You can use any of these means. In the case of messages, the word must be sent Low.

When registering by phone, an automatic message or audio arrives confirming that the request was successfully processed. The voice of the answering machine clarifies that the process can take up to five daysbecause the companies have this term to send the list of numbers that they requested to enter Ursec, which will update the list every month.

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