Unos 50 mil creyentes participarán el primero de enero en “Batalla de la Fe”

Some 50,000 believers will participate on January 1 in the “Battle of Faith”

Under the motto “Revive us” Concentration “Battle of Faith” expects to receive 50,000 believers in its 69th version, an event that brings together a diverse representation of evangelicals from the country every January 1st at the Felix Sanchez Olympic Stadium.

The details were offered by the pastor Ezequiel Molina Sanchezpresident of the “Battle of Faith”, who specified that the start time will be at four in the afternoon, and not at two, the time when the massive event began for years.

“Now we are trying to come clean because there is a reality, the harshness of the sun at two in the afternoon is very strong, this causes dehydration, heat and exhaustion, that is why we are considering lowering the schedule,” he said.

He indicated that the doors will be open from 3:00 pm, starting at 4:00 o’clock. He added that the activity will include a time of praise and adoration by prominent Christian interpreters, including Isabelle Valdez, the Grace group, Cales Luima, Chanel Nova, Basty Moralesamong other surprises.

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In the same way, he said that as is the tradition of the fellowship meeting, they extend invitations to all the national political, business and ecclesiastical leadership. However, he clarifies that the main figures such as the president Luis Abinader and the vice president Raquel Pena They have not confirmed their attendance yet.

On the other hand, he stressed that the event will be broadcast live through a chain of television channels, radio and internet platforms, citing Color Visión, channel 9, as parent station, Cielo TV, Radio Televisión Dominicana channel 4, RNN , Telefuturo, Radio Voz Evangélica Nacional, Radio Ven and the platform la

Church concerned about the moral deterioration of the country

Pastor Molina reiterated the call for the union of families to react to the moral decomposition that currently exists in society.

“It is a reality how children and adolescents follow the new behavior patterns, characters who are really victims of a system that catapults them as icons when their merits are highly questionable and society allows these characters to become the role models of our children, the West is deteriorating,” he observed.

Due to this, Molina ratifies its call to all families to participate in the activity, in order to promote values ​​and family union together and through the church, as well as the essential principles for the transformation of society into values.

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