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A young man who had more than a dozen robberies and thefts in a neighborhood, according to the complaints, was finally caught by neighbors who, after “stocking” him with blows, handed him over to the police and requested fiscal intervention.

The fiscal agent Hermenegilda Cubilla, of the Villa Elisa Zonal Prosecutor’s Office, charged Manuel Villalba Cardozo with the alleged commission of the punishable act of Aggravated Theft as the perpetrator.

The last “job” that the defendant was about to carry out was verified at the intersection of Estero Bellaco and Charagua streets, in the 29 de Septiembre neighborhood of Villa Elisa.

At the site, he entered the home of Ctisthian Osorio, who was notified by neighbors that a person had entered his house. The man got there, and that was the moment when the marginal ran away, with some objects that he appropriated.

On the way, other neighbors joined the victim of the robbery, to chase Manuel Villalba. At one point they caught up with him and after hitting him a few times, they called the police.

The apprehended was referred to the Arroyo Seco police station, where the prosecution took action on the matter, and collected dozens of complaints from neighbors, who formalized allegations against the offender.

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