Some 1,645 medical appointments have been lost due to a medical strike in Chiriquí

The medical strike in Chiriquí causes serious harm to patients, with the loss, so far, of 1,645 medical appointments, out of the 2,180 that were scheduled.

Of the total number of missed appointments, 947 correspond to specialties, divided into 62 in nephrology, 216 in urology, 371 in orthopedics, 191 in ophthalmology, 60 in neurosurgery and 47 in general surgery.

«Here there are very sensitive pathologies. Postponing gallbladder surgery is not the same as having chronic kidney disease that is not promptly treated,” said Dr. Rolando Caballero, medical director of the Rafael Hernández L.

He specified that the greatest concern is the External Consultation, because there are patients who after the pandemic resumed their controls and now may suffer a setback in their health condition.

Interviewed patients ask the unemployed doctors to lift the measure of force so that they do not continue to affect their health.

Caballero reiterated his call to lift the strike and recalled that five of the six points demanded by the doctors have already been resolved.

Regarding the supply of medical-surgical supplies and medicines, he said that the hospital is supplied for about six months.

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