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Some 108 Cubans have died on the US-Mexico border in the last year and a half

MIAMI, United States.- More than 100 Cubans have died at the border crossing between the United States and Mexico in the last 18 months, according to a report by the Missing Migrants Project (MMP) of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) cited by Cuban Journal.

According to the note, the 108 Cubans who have lost their lives trying to cross the US-Mexico border are part of the 1,238 people who have died in the same period of time in the Americas, including at least 51 children.

Of the total deaths, 728 did so at that border crossing, which already qualifies as the deadliest in the world, according to the IOM report.

The note also reveals that in the first six months of 2022 there are already 493 deaths in the same circumstances.

Edwin Viales, author of the new IOM report on migrants in the Americas in 2021, explained that “the number of deaths on the US-Mexico border last year is significantly higher than in any previous year, even before Covid. -19”, however, despite this, he pointed out, the data is not definitive.

According to Diario de Cuba, which cited the Missing Migrants Project, in the Darién Gap during the year 2021, 51 lives of lost migrants were recorded, among which were some Cubans.

The IOM report also reveals that in the last 18 months at least 136 Venezuelans and 90 Haitians have also died in border transit in the Americas.

However, the largest demographic of migrant deaths in the Americas are unidentified people: more than 500 people. The countries of origin of these deceased since 2021 are listed as “unknown”.

“Our data shows the growing crisis of deaths during migration in the region, and the need to strengthen the forensic capacity of the authorities to identify deaths on these routes. We cannot forget that each number is a human being with a family that may never know what happened to them,” said Viales.

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