Solidarity income: who will receive the $500,000 subsidy?

Solidarity income: who will receive the $500,000 subsidy?

According to the Department of Social Prosperity, Nearly 2 million households in a situation of poverty will receive the $500,000 subsidy in December. Payment will be made through the Solidarity Income, Families in Action and Youth in Action programs.

(More actions to reduce poverty, the request of experts to the Government).

The notice comes after the entity stated that in November there would be no payments or benefits from cycles 32 and 33 of the Solidarity Income program.

“We invite you to be aware of the delivery dates for payments 32 and 33 of the Solidarity Income program (second week of December), in November there is no payment, we suggest you contact our information media,” said Cielo Rusinque, director of Social Prosperity, to ‘Caracol Radio’.

The official also assured that Solidarity Income will go until December 31 of this year, because changes will be made according to the new government plan.

(Tax and Budget, Petro’s first achievements in his presidency).

For now, the Department of Social Prosperity announced that those who will receive the $500,000 subsidy this December will be:

1. Households that are part of group A of Sisbén IV.
2. The new homes of the group A of Sisbén IV.
3. Households belonging to the program Families in Action with children from 0 to 6 years old.
4. Mothers of children under 6 years of age enrolled in group A of Sisbén IV, who are also beneficiaries of Jóvenes en Acción.

If you meet these requirements, the entity asks that you be very attentive to social networks and the website, in order to know the dates and means of payment.

(Improving secondary education is the key to reducing poverty).


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