Soledad Núñez seeks to talk with Chilavert

Soledad Núñez seeks to talk with Chilavert

The former Vice Minister of Housing and candidate for the Presidency, Soledad Núñez, stated that she is seeking to talk with the former goalkeeper of the Paraguayan National Team and also a candidate, José Luis Chilavert, as she did with the others who intend to fight for the presidential .

According to Radio Ñandutí, Núñez wants to dialogue with him to find out what his proposals are and the reason why he is not in favor of agreement.

“I could not get together with Chilavert yet, because I make an effort to dialogue and talk with all the actors, he was outside the country, I wrote to him because I want to hear his proposals face-to-face, because he thinks that this path is ideal and the other the ideal. We agreed to get together,” said Núñez.

According to said media, Núñez assured that anyone who goes outside the concertation will cause divisions and that one cannot continue with the belief that a project can be built from the division. “I convey my ideas to everyone, he is not the only one who does not believe in concertation, I explained to them why I feel that it is the path that will allow us to mature democratically,” he said.

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