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Soldier kills his wife and then kills himself, 27th case of femicide in the year

A new case of femicide was registered this Wednesday afternoon, in the city of Luque. It happened on José Bonifacio Bogarín and Celsa Speratti streets.

The victim was identified as María Librada Bogado de Meza, 35 years old, who received a gunshot wound from her husband, a retired military officer named Ricardo Meza Gaona (55).

The femicide, before committing his lethal act, called one of his sons to whom he told that he had problems with his mother and that he was going to leave home.

The teenage son reported the incident to the principal of his school. A teacher accompanied him to his house where he found his mother with no signs of life.

For his part, the uniformed man went to a sister’s home, where he shot himself in the head. He was taken to a health center where his death was confirmed.

With this new case, there are 27 women killed by their partners, so far this year. And the second in less than 24 hours.

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