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Sofia Manzano proposes progressive taxes to redistribute income

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The PCB candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Sofia Manzano, proposed today (27) the implementation of progressive taxes with the objective of redistributing income in the country. According to the proposal, taxes will be paid by people according to income and assets.

“Who has more, pays more; who has less, pays less; and whoever has nothing, pays nothing. The proposal is to implement a reform that reverses the current system, by reducing consumption taxes and creating taxes on wealth, profits, dividends, financial transactions and shareholdings, large fortunes, luxury goods and inheritance”, wrote on social media.

Manzano also highlighted that, if elected, measures to combat tax evasion, and the end of tax exemptions and exemptions for large companies, exporters and philanthropic entities, should be put into practice.

The candidate also proposed granting income tax exemption for those who earn up to five minimum wages, the return of the Additional State Income Tax (AIRE), as compensation for the loss of revenue from the Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Provision of Services ( ICMS), and the cancellation of the debt of states and municipalities with the union.

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