Sociedad de Diarios condena agresión a la prensa y al Defensor del Pueblo

Society of Newspapers condemns aggression against the press and the Ombudsman

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Society of Newspapers (SDD) deplored and censured this Monday the aggression committed against several journalists, photojournalists, cameramen and the ombudsman, Paul Ulloaduring a day of inspection at the vehicle retention center called “El Coco Greyhound Track”, on Monumental Avenue, National District.

Persio Maldonado Sánchez, president of the SDD, said that it is an unacceptable and incomprehensible attack, since in the case of the press teams that accompanied the OmbudsmanUlloa fulfilled the sacred mission of informing the population about what happened at that time.

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He stated that actions of this nature are the ones that will ultimately add to the list of events against freedom of the press, expression and dissemination in the Dominican Republic, which undoubtedly always ends up affecting the image of the country, and, consequently, the of governments.

The entity that brings together Dominican newspapers with national circulation considers that the transgression against the free exercise of reporting from the media cannot be allowed under any circumstances, and therefore requires that the events that occurred this Monday at the Dog Track be duly punished by the corresponding authorities.

“These are events that neither the official authorities nor society can ignore, because when they occur and the due and corresponding sanction is not established, then we are creating the conditions to come back in everything that we have advanced in terms of the free exercise of journalism, which has cost Dominicans so much sacrifice and blood,” concluded the SDD in a press release.

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