Society lives on appearances and hypocrisy

Society lives on appearances and hypocrisy

The metropolitan archbishop of Santo Domingo, monsignor Francisco Ozoria Acostaaffirmed that in the present people live by appearance and hypocrisy and that before the truth he prefers the lie and before the justice of the facts he prefers the unjust and condemns the just.

Making a comparison of the events that preceded the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the present time, he said that today’s world is carried away by political and economic power, by the materialistic system and the prestige of a society that contradicts everything human that Jesus teaches us.

In the homily of Palm Sunday He stated that this is like a portrait of that society and today’s society and that in this time, Jesus invites us to opt for the good, for justice, for truth, for Peace.

“Therefore injustice, violence, war, hypocrisy they do not fit into the dynamics of Christianity and faith. The Lord wants authenticity from us and if we proclaim that Christ is our Lord, we must maintain him in every situation and not live by appearances. Unfortunately today in our society today we live by appearances”, Monsignor Ozoria stressed.

He invited Dominicans to reflect on the dynamics of Jesus that contradicts everything human, political and the entire materialistic system that we have.

“Let us be led by Jesus who is the king of peace, let us be led by Jesus who is the King of love,” he concluded.

Monsignor Ozoria blessed the bouquets and led the procession to the First Cathedral of America where the mass was celebrated in which the “triumphal entry” of Jesus into Jerusalem mounted on a donkey was remembered.

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