Social movements met to define a joint action plan

Social movements met to define a joint action plan

Leaders coordinate joint actions for the social crisis. Photo: Victoria Gesualdi.

The main leaders of the Union of Workers of the Popular Economy (UTEP), the Piquetera Unit and the Front of Organizations in Struggle (FOL) met in recent hours to coordinate joint protest actions.

“The first meeting of the UTEP, the Piquetera Unit and the Fighting Front concluded. Coincidences in denouncing the persecution and criminalization of the organizations and in the seriousness of the social crisis and in calling for common fighting action”; The leader of the Polo Obrero, Eduardo Belliboni, reported on Friday night from his personal Twitter account after the meeting.

Belliboni also announced that next Wednesday they will meet again to “set a date” for a joint protest of all organizations.

Also participating in the meeting were the leader of the UTEP, Esteban ‘Gringo’ Castro; the National Coordinator of Barrios de Pie-Libres del Sur, Silvia Saravia and Mónica Sulle, national coordinator of the MST-Teresa Vive.

For Castro, the coordination of actions with the Unidad Piquetera bloc took place thanks to the fact that there was “an attack on the poor.”

“The popular movements have been hit for three months, and when that happens, a joint solidarity action immediately appears,” the leader said this Saturday in statements to CNN en Español radio.

For Castro, the protest measures of the social movements “are not anti-government”, but rather “the demands of their sector”.

“On our part we are not anti-government, they are the demands of our sector. If there are people who say that our colleagues do not work, we show that we work”said the social leader who spoke in favor of a universal basic salary.

The social movements have already announced for next Wednesday the 20th a march with cuts throughout the country, within the framework of a plan of struggle that was defined this week in assemblies, demanding the creation of a universal basic salary and an “increase in emergency for workers.

Meanwhile, on Thursday the Piquetera Unit rcarried out a massive march to the Plaza de Mayowithin the framework of which they requested a hearing with the Minister of Economy, Silvina Batakis.

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