So far this year, the DIJ has dealt with some 700 complaints of child abuse

The Directorate of Judicial Investigation (DIJ), of the National Police, has attended so far in 2022, some 700 complaints of child abuse where parents, guardians of children, and adolescents have been investigated.

Given the number of complaints of this type, the DIJ calls on parents and those responsible for minors to attend intrafamily therapies that seek to help parents lower levels of intolerance.

Captain Yovana Ortega, Head of the Division of Crimes against the Legal Order of the DIJ, expressed her concern at the incidence of cases of child abuse that affects children physically and psychologically.

He added that in these police actions, the DIJ has proceeded to investigate the parents, as well as the people close to the family, for which it is necessary for the community to continue denouncing this crime.

For her part, Major Sariabeth Rodríguez, of the Police Service for Children and Adolescents of the National Police, explained that in Panama physical and psychological abuse, sexual abuse and neglect are the most reported to the authorities.

Major Rodríguez pointed out that every boy or girl can be a victim of child abuse by the people around him, without distinguishing social sphere or economic situation.

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