Funcionarios del SNGR evalúan riesgo durante el periodo de lluvias en Miranda

SNGR officials assess risks during the rainy season in Miranda

Officials and Officials of the National Risk Management System (SNGR), continue their operational deployment throughout the national territory, through monitoring and inspections in communities, vulnerable areas, rivers and streams, as part of the Rain Care Planissued by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.

Likewise, the National Deputy Director of Civil Protection (PC) and Disaster Administration, Matilde Rojastogether with more than 20 men and women from Civil Protection and Firefighters, carried out a risk assessment, in the vicinity of the sector The line of Petare, Sucre municipality of the state Miranda.

“We are in an inspection in the ravine and in this regard, we urge the communities to follow the security measures issued by the security and rescue authorities, such as, for example, not throwing garbage and waste in the riverbeds and staying alert to any increase in levels alarmingly,” he emphasized.

Finally, he reported that actions continue to strengthen the preventive culture with talks, seminars and workshops in schools and communities with the aim of mitigating the consequences of natural and adverse events; In order to guarantee compliance with the strategic lines corresponding to the fifth vertex of the Great Mission Quadrants of Peace.

Source: MPPRIJP Press


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