SMU executive against Cipriani: "Making nothing responsible to privatize does not seem the way"

The director of the Uruguayan Medical Union (SMU) Federico Preve targeted the president of the State Health Services Administration (ASSE), Leonardo Cipriani, after his sayings about the lack of medicines in some localities of the interior. Cipriani assured that delays of up to 15 days were detected in the deliveries of the medicines in some localities of the interior and is willing to privatize the sale of medicines in the state provider in case the delays in the deliveries of the drugs are not resolved. .

For his part, Preve said that making “nothing” responsible for privatizing is not the way to go.

“Sometimes we read unheard of things”, expressed the director of the SMU on his Twitter account. He then explained that ASSE users face the problem of lack of medication on a daily basis because the state public health provider “stopped buying it”.

In this sense, Preve highlighted a resolution of the Pharmaceutical Chemists of ASSE on July 27, 2021 in which declared themselves in conflict by “lack of historical drug category in several of the Executing Units of ASSE” that caused “serious problems in the supply of medicines for ASSE users, with the risk associated with the interruption of their treatments”.

According to Preve, this lack of ASSE has consequences on the health of more than 1,300,000 people. “Admissions to hospitals for acute strokes with their fatal consequences or sequelae, convulsions in pregnant women because they do not get the drug,” he exemplified.

The director of the SMU pointed out that medication is a patient’s right: “Demonstrate with information that purchases are adequate for the ASSE population, that stock has not gone down nor has it stopped buying essential medication”asked Cipriani.

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