Smart Meters

Smart Meters

UTE already installed a million

One million UTE customers already have an intelligent energy consumption meter. It is projected that by 2024, 100% of homes in Uruguay will have this new equipment installed, which will mean an investment of 90 million dollars in 2 years, which includes the equipment and its installation.

This is a significant milestone in the development and application of digital technology in the measurement of electrical energy consumption. The first device with these characteristics was installed in 2018. In this period from 2020 to date, 800,000 have been installed, the process of replacing conventional meters with smart meters continues, which allow online interaction and provide permanent information on consumption in the network. In addition, they optimize processes such as reconnections, power changes, rate changes, loss control, and others. One million smart meters represents a significant milestone in the development and application of digital technology in the measurement of electrical energy consumption.

The event was attended by the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Mr. Omar Paganini, the President of UTE Mr. Silvia Emaldi, the President of ANTEL Mr. Gabriel Gurméndez, the Manager of the Commercial Area of ​​UTE Mr. Pablo Reginal, and authorities from the organisms.

These meters, in addition to benefiting the customer, also enhance the use of electrical networks by improving the quality of service, by allowing a large amount of information related to the distribution of loads throughout the country to be obtained. They issue alerts when the voltage is outside the committed band and manage to measure the variations that have occurred. They make it possible to balance demand and manage consumption peaks, as well as being a valuable input when planning investments in improvements to the electrical network.

In the act, Emaldi expressed “as of this year, power and rate changes are no longer charged.” Companies in the world are going towards telemetering, when it reaches 100% of homes, we will be one of the few countries in the world that will have smart metering so developed”.

During the event, Paganini expressed that it is a sample of Uruguay’s international leadership in “digital technology matters, while at the same time energizing the ecosystem. It is about putting people at the center to lower costs and increase quality.”

Gurméndez commented that “this is a celebration, a relevant milestone.” He highlighted Antel’s collaboration in the digital ecosystem through his networks. In addition, he delivered a commemorative plaque to the owners of the farm.

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