Criticism of the APDH for the use of biometric data in the City: "The espionage does not stop"

Size: "We are in danger and there is no rule of law"

The AFI intervener questioned the illegal use of biometric surveillance by the Buenos Aires government. Photo Carlos Brigo

The comptroller of the Federal Intelligence Agency (IFA), Cristina Caamanoconsidered that “people see the possibility of being spied on as distant”, but “we are all in danger” because “there is no rule of law”referring to the facial recognition system for fugitives of the Buenos Aires Government, which was suspended last Tuesday by the justice system after detecting its illegal use.

“People have other problems and espionage doesn’t seem serious to them because they think this isn’t going to happen to them. People see the possibility of being spied on as distant, but we are all in danger because there is no rule of law,” Caamaño said this Saturday in statements to Radio 10.

Last Tuesday, the Buenos Aires Justice suspended the facial recognition system for fugitives of the Government of the city of Buenos Aires, after detecting an alleged illegal use that allowed access to biometric data of millions of people who were not being sought, including political leaders. , social, trade union and human rights, as well as judges, businessmen and journalists.

I already said that the government of Cambiemos was a mafioso for everything it did with the AFI, Caamao pointed out. Photo Victoria Gesualdi
“I have already said that the Cambiemos government was a mafioso for everything it did with the AFI,” said Caamaño. Photo Victoria Gesualdi

The decision was adopted by the City’s Contentious, Administrative and Tax Judge, Roberto Gallardo, who also ordered a battery of test measures that included the seizure of computers and devices by the Airport Security Police (PSA) in the Urban Monitoring Center located in Patricios at 1100, in the neighborhood of Barracas.

In this regard, the AFI intervener indicated that “Illegal espionage is part of their nature. It doesn’t matter what they’re called Pro, Let’s Change or Together for Change. They always spy sentenced.

“I already said that the Cambiemos government had been a mafioso for everything it had done with the Federal Intelligence Agency”Cristina Caamano

“At the request of a judge, the cameras are well used and it is great that there are many cameras because they can precisely detect fugitives or in other cases they can detect people committing an illegal act or be able to trace a route using the cameras well,” he warned. Caamano.

But, he clarified: “They – the macrismo – always end up giving it an illegal use. They end up outlawing what is legal, because the cameras are fine, either when they catch him red-handed and are going to bring him before the judge or in the event that the judge asks them to look at where a person was.”

“However, they have been doing something illegal since (Mauricio) Macri was head of the Buenos Aires government. They always end up doing something illegal that is legal in the beginning,” he asserted.

Caamaño also stressed that “it is very rare” the situation of illegal espionage to own political partners because “Among those spied on are (Gerardo) Morales, (Elisa) Carrió and Patricia Bullrich.”

When asked about the reasons why the political members of Together for Change do not leave the space after being spied on by their own partners, Caamaño recalled the phrase of former President Macri: “When he said ‘whoever takes their feet off the plate disappears’ it was literal.”

“I already said that the Cambiemos government had been a mafioso for everything it had done with the Federal Intelligence Agency”he pointed.

The PSA seized equipment in the Urban Monitoring Center of the Portea Police
The PSA seized equipment in the Urban Monitoring Center of the Buenos Aires Police.

Likewise, Caamaño considered that in the macrismo “they must have recordings, filming and listening of all and then you can say it like that so calmly.”

At the end, the AFI intervener assured that “with President Alberto Fernández we are in a state of full law and all guarantees are respected.”

In the judicial resolution, Judge Gallardo claimed to have verified that the Fugitive Facial Recognition Systems (SRFP) of the Ministry of Security of CABA was used to obtain biometric data of President Alberto Fernández, Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and the head of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, Estela Carlottoamong many other public personalities.

Judicial sources consulted by Télam indicated that the monitoring system of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security is authorized to request biometric data from the National Registry of Persons (Renaper) as long as they are persons included in the National Consultation of Rebellions and Captures (CoNaRC) , which in 2019 were about 35,000 and last month reached 40,000.

However, between April 2019 and March 2022, the biometric data queries made from the Buenos Aires Security portfolio were 9 million, a figure that does not correspond to the population of individuals required by the Justice or in a situation of rebellion from of a judicial measure, and that for that reason appear in the records of the CoNaRC.

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