Sixty years of “The Century of Enlightenment”, by the Cuban novelist Alejo Carpentier

According to a dispatch from the Prensa Latina agency, the next space Saturday of the Book, in Havana, will be dedicated to remembering the sixty years since the publication of the novel Age of Enlightenmentby Alejo Carpentier, a classic of Cuban and universal literature.

The latest edition of the novel will be presented at the event, in which “errata accumulated in successive reprints” are eliminated. It also has the addition of a body of reference notes for readers.

According to the organizers, it is an invitation to connoisseurs and followers of Carpentier’s narrative. And a special opportunity for those who wish to approach one of the most important Cuban and Latin American writers for the first time.

The house where the novel “El Siglo de las Luces” begins, in Old Havana. Photo: Trip Advisor.

“Carpentier’s work does not lose its validity”, underlined Dr. Graciela Poggolotti, who extolled in it the strength of “a subversive and decolonizing discourse […] that dynamites the foundations of the official narrative”.

Published in 1962 and set at the time of the French Revolution, the book enjoys a wide international circulation that, as the essayist said, has occurred “fundamentally in Western Europe and Latin America, although it is also known in the Arab world, China, Japan and South Korea.

“Due to the intrinsic value of the work, the commemoration of this date must be assumed as an authentic event. His way of transcending through time […] it confers the category corresponding to a classic of letters”, he highlighted.

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