Voters in Carapebus, Rio, choose new mayor on Sunday

Six municipalities elected new mayors this Sunday

Voters from six municipalities went to the polls this Sunday (27) to choose new mayors in supplementary elections. This type of election occurs when more than half of the votes granted to the candidate for the Executive, in this case, the mayor, are annulled, with a rejected registration.Six municipalities elected new mayors this Sunday

In Tanabi (SP), Alexandre Silveira Bertolini (PSB) was elected to govern the municipality until the end of 2024. He was elected with 5,939 votes, 41.29% of the total. The previous mayor and his deputy had their mandate revoked for illicit expenditure of financial resources from the electoral campaign and abuse of economic power.

In Pedro Velho (RN), Edna Lemos (PSB) was elected, with 51.19% of the votes. In Canguaretama, also in Rio Grande do Norte, Wilsinho (PTB) was elected, with 54.74% of the votes. The previous mayor was impeached and, like his deputy, considered ineligible due to a criminal conviction in Federal Court for a crime against the public faith. In Pedro Velho, the mayor and deputy mayor had their diplomas revoked for abuse of political power.

In Maraial (PE) Marlos Henrique (PSB) was elected, with 53.31% of the votes. The mayor and deputy mayor had been impeached by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) for abuse of economic power.

In Ibitirama (ES), Ailton Vein (PSDB) was elected with 58.31% of the votes. There, the previous mayor had his candidacy registration rejected because his accounts were rejected by the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU). In Maiquinique (BA), Valéria Silveira (Podemos) was elected with 50.57% of the votes.

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