Six lives for 7.6 years in prison: sentence to Enrique Vives for the Gaira accident, Santa Marta

Six lives for 7.6 years in prison: sentence to Enrique Vives for the Gaira accident, Santa Marta

Enrique Vives, sentenced to house arrest.

The defendant accepted the pre-agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office.

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Enrique Vives, driver of a truck that ran over six young people on a highway in Gaira, Santa Marta, causing their death, accepted a pre-agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office for the events that occurred in October of the immediately previous year.

It was learned that the defendant for the crime of intention to attempt negligent injury will pay 92 months in prison at home for this accident that caused commotion in the country, that is, 7 years and six months of sentence.

It should be noted that at the beginning there was talk of a 37-year sentence for manslaughter, time and crime that changed due to the pre-agreement.

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Enrique Vives
Enrique Vives, sentenced to 7.6 years in prison.

In addition, a fine of 36.6 Current Minimum Legal Monthly Wages (SMLMV) was established, which translates into an economic penalty of close to 35 million pesos.

It should be noted that Vives has already “repaired” five of the six families and only one remains, which has not accepted any money in return.

Enrique Vives
Van in which Enrique Vives was traveling Photo: @elnuevodia

“They believe that they killed an animal and want to give any weight. What I want is for that man to pay for what he did and not go free as he always does in this country, “said Álex de Lima, father of Laura Valentina.

In turn, the employer shall apologize privately with the families of the victims and sign a commitment not to drive any kind of vehicle again.

“Freely, voluntarily and duly advised by his legal team, he expresses his desire to pre-agree with the Attorney General’s Office,” says a representative of the accusing entity in the judicial proceeding.

Users on social networks have demonstrated for the amount of Vives’ sentence.

Some believe that 7 years in prison and at home is not an act of justice for the family of the six young people who were run over by this subject who was allegedly driving while intoxicated.

Others believe that Colombian justice is increasingly “limping” with this type of sentences that are not in accordance with the seriousness of the facts.

“It was six lives and only seven years in prison for the accused is very little,” wrote a Twitter user.

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