Six accused of the Cicpc for the murder of a boy

Six accused of the Cicpc for the murder of a boy

Six Cicpc-Nueva Esparta officials were charged for their alleged participation in the murder of Daniel Alejandro Lezama Ramírez (22), reported Attorney General Tarek William Saab.

Lezama’s murder occurred last Thursday afternoon at the Tiago restaurant located in Carúpano (Sucre).

The young man arrived at the premises and sat down at a table next to which were six members of the Cicpc.

One of the agents watched the boy and signaled to the other officials.

And that’s when that policeman stood up, took out his gun and shot Daniel, killing him there, as could be seen in a recording of the restaurant that circulated on social networks.

For this fact, inspectors Jorge Luis Duggarte Rodríguez, Julio Cesar Isava Espinoza and Maikel Enrique Malaver Hernández were arrested.

Detectives Wuilian Jesús Belisario Natera, Yoel Jesús Colmenares Freites and Javier González, all attached to the Nueva Esparta Coordination of Investigations of Crimes against Persons, were also arrested.

These six officials were charged with aggravated homicide with treachery and futile motives, improper use of an organic weapon and simulation of a punishable act, the Attorney General detailed on his twitter account.

At the presentation hearing, the Public Ministry requested that they be deprived of liberty, which was approved by the Sucre Control Court.

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