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Since 2015 René Gavira drags irregularities in the public service

Arturo Sanchez Jimenez

Newspaper La Jornada
Friday April 15, 2022, p. 8

Before arriving in 2019 at the Mexican Food Security Agency (Segalmex) as financial director, René Gavira Segreste, linked to a process accused by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) of using 100 million pesos of public resources to invest in the stock market, he had had a brief career as a public official, in which, however, his actions had already brought him a sanction for administrative irregularities.

According to the resume of the former official published by Liconsa, Gavira Segreste was appointed in 2015 director of Works and Urban Development of the then Cuajimalpa delegation -today the mayor’s office- of Mexico City.

In June of that year he was appointed director of Sports Promotion of the delegation and in October he was appointed executive director of Sports Promotion and Social Tourism, a position that was appointed by the then head of the demarcation, Mario Valdés Guadarrama, who that same year relieved in the PRI member Adrián Ruvalcaba, who asked for a license.

It is due to his performance in this position that he was sanctioned in 2018 – less than a year before arriving at Segalmex – by the Comptroller General of Mexico City through the Internal Comptroller in Cuajimalpa, according to documents obtained by this newspaper. through the National Transparency Platform.

The irregularities attributed to him are related to the breach of a resolution of the Institute of Transparency, Access to Public Information, Protection of Personal Data and Accountability of Mexico City (Info CDMX).

According to documents from the Comptroller’s Office, Gavira Segreste failed to fully comply with the requirements of a resolution of the institute dated July 1, 2015, related to the use of spaces of the International Women’s Year Sports Center, formerly Deportivo Cacalote.

The Internal Comptroller of Cuajimalpa found him responsible for violating article 47 of the Federal Law of Responsibilities of Public Servants, which states that to safeguard the legality, honesty, loyalty, impartiality and efficiency that must be observed in the performance of his position, every public servant has the obligation to comply with the Transparency Law and with the resolutions issued by the Transparency Institute.

However, Gavira Segreste’s conduct in this matter was considered to be not seriousfor which a public reprimand was imposed as a sanction.

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