Simone Tebet wants an end to re-election and the secret budget

The MDB candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Simone Tebet, participated this Thursday (19) in the program voting time, promoted by the Brazilian Bar Association of São Paulo. To an audience of lawyers, she defended the democratic rule of law that she felt was currently under constant threat.Simone Tebet wants an end to re-election and the secret budgetSimone Tebet wants an end to re-election and the secret budget

When answering questions from lawyers, she said that despite being re-elected when she was mayor, today, she sees re-election as “the biggest problem in Brazil”, since it leads to “deals and corruption scandals”. In this sense, she guaranteed that if elected, she will propose the end of that possibility.

Tebet also criticized the so-called secret budget and promised to give absolute transparency to public accounts. “If I am elected president, with a pen like this, I give transparency to the secret budget. I issue a normative act requiring all ministers of state to provide absolute transparency in public budget accounts. On the first day, he will say who the parliamentarian is who sent the appeal, where he sent the appeal, to see if at the end, this money arrived”, highlighted Tebet.

The candidate was asked what she thinks about the disciplinary penalty for judges who abuse their authority and violate lawyers’ prerogatives. According to the OAB, there is currently no type of control for this abuse. “I will be sanctioning any measure, any law passed by the National Congress that in any way restricts excesses by members of any authority, of any Power in Brazil, whether Executive, Legislative or Judiciary.

The emedebista presidential candidate also defended a strengthening of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The objective is to sell abroad a positive image of Brazil. In this sense, she added that, if elected, she will choose a career diplomat to head the portfolio. Tebet also spoke of the importance of an inclusive government and guaranteed that his ministerial team will be 50% men and 50% women, also with black representatives.

“Still in relation to this inclusive government, we will have a national policy of equity, ethics, ethnicity and race. We will be fighting structural racism and institutional racism in Brazil every day”, he highlighted.

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