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Simone Tebet says her government’s focus will be on job creation

In a campaign in the capital of Ceará, this Thursday (15), the candidate for the Presidency of the Republic by the MDB, Simone Tebet, commented on the high rates of hunger and unemployment in the Northeast and criticized the political polarization.Simone Tebet says her government's focus will be on job creation

The presidential candidate said that her focus, if elected, will be on generating employment and income. “There is only one way for jobs to return: when Brazil has stability and legal security. Nobody invests in a polarized country, where hate is discussed, where there is only a speech of us against them and no fiscal responsibility project is presented, aiming at the social”, she argued.

The presidential candidate added that her candidacy is “the only one that immediately manages to guarantee predictability, responsibility and legal certainty”. Tebet once again declared himself a liberal in the economy and defended that public-private partnerships get off the ground. “We have to tear this country apart from North to South and from East to West, with railways, dual highways, ports and airports, with easy and flexible rules. Of course, taking care of environmental preservation, but reducing bureaucracy. This generates millions of jobs,” she said.

Another theme defended by the candidate was the maintenance of income transfer programs for the most vulnerable part of the population. “The R$ 600 is there to stay and nobody will take it away. That would be inhumane,” she said.


A few days before the first round of elections, on October 2, Simone Tebet said that there is still time for a turnaround in the electoral campaign. Alongside her co-religionists, the candidate said that the continuity of polarization in the country is certain if Lula or Jair Bolsonaro wins: “That’s why I don’t give up until the last day. I have expectations and confidence that this game can be turned around and that the result will only happen after the polls have been counted”.

While still in Fortaleza, Tebet took part in a walk through the city centre. In the afternoon, she campaigns in Maranhão.

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