Simone Tebet reaffirms education as the main banner of her campaign

Simone Tebet reaffirms education as the main banner of her campaign

The MDB candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Simone Tebet, defended this Wednesday (21), in São Paulo, investments in technical education as a way to generate employment and income for the population. “We are visiting Brazil and seeing that there are regions that are lacking workers, there are vacancies. There are no qualified workers”, she evaluated after a visit to the Paula Souza State Technological Education Center.Simone Tebet reaffirms education as the main banner of her campaign

The emedebista defended quality public education, high school with technical and vocational courses and technology colleges “with quality so that this worker can be immediately inserted into the job market”, in addition to the expansion of full-time education.

Still on education, Simone Tebet reaffirmed her commitment to taking off the paper the new High School Reform that pays states up to R$ 3,300, per student, for a school that guarantees full-time for this young person. Another topic addressed was school evasion, which the candidate said she would attack on two fronts, if elected. One front is 5G auctions, which are already solving the connectivity problem. “Without internet, the student is not inside the school”, she said. The other is to award BRL 5,000 to young people who complete technical high school.

In the final stretch of the campaign, the emedebista criticized the so-called useful vote and said that she is ready to serve the country: “my real obsession, it is obvious that it is employment, it is cheap food, feeding people who are hungry and having a job, but the my real obsession is that every student, every child of the poor has the same quality of education as the son of the rich. If I got where I am today, I know that I owe a lot, in large part, to the fact that I had the opportunity to be on the bench at a university, then to be able to do a master’s degree, then to have been a teacher, to have taught for twelve years. I know the transforming power that education has in a country, in the wealth of a country, but mainly for people’s quality of life”.

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