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Simone Tebet defends investment in science and technology outside the ceiling

Simone Tebet defends investment in science and technology outside the ceiling

Investments in the area of ​​science and technology outside the spending cap rule is one of the proposals defended by the MDB candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Simone Tebet, this Wednesday (24).

After meeting with representatives of Fundação Abrinq, in São Paulo, where she signed a term of commitment with the Presidente Amigo da Criança Program, the presidential candidate evaluated that Brazil is behind in terms of innovation. According to her, the private sector invests 60% in everything that is innovation and cannot compete with the world because it has to pay for something that has to be the responsibility of the federal government.


Among the proposals in the area of ​​public security, Simone Tebet promised to create the National Ministry of Public Security. The candidate highlighted that most Brazilian drugs and weapons enter through border states, especially Mato Grosso do Sul. “We can only fight drug trafficking, organized crime, with the coordinated support of the Civil Police, the Military Police, the Federal Police, the Brazilian Armed Forces. It is a responsibility of federal governments to state governments,” she said.

On arms policy, the candidate promised to revoke the decrees that expand access to weapons. “I am radically against the carrying of weapons in Brazil. The Brazilian population is not prepared for this and the main victims of violence in the communities are our children, young people from the periphery, black people, and women at home. So there is no way to accept the possession of weapons in Brazil”, she pondered.

The emedebista also recalled that the possession of weapons under the law is a reality. “We are going to inspect within the rules that already exist. This is not Brazil’s priority, the priority is to kill hunger, eradicate misery,” she added.

The candidate defends “absolute transparency” in the ministries, if elected. “The pen will work through a normative act that all ministers, from the first day, publish everything on the transparency portal for society to monitor where this money is going, how it is going, who asked for it and with that we will ending the secret budget, overpricing, buses, lunches, cold bills that arrive to be paid, this is the absolute priority”, he pointed out.

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