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Silvio Rodríguez suggests transmission of the trial to Abel González Lescay

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MADRID, Spain.- The Cuban troubadour Silvio Rodríguez reissued a concise opinion on the judicial processes against the protesters of July 11, 2021 in Cuba.

On this occasion, the singer-songwriter suggested that the trial of music student Abel González Lescay, sentenced to six years in prison, be broadcast on Cuban television.

Replying to a user of your blog “Second date”, who shared the recent statements of the Higher Institute of Art (ISA) on Lescay, Rodríguez stated: “Comrade Walter Frías, if you don’t want the facts for which young Abel Lescay has been asked to spend 6 years in prison to be ‘simplified’, explain those facts clearly or that they put the trial on TV, to be able to see it”.

He also explained that “giving attention to a university student in criminal proceedings is nothing extraordinary; It is a duty of the University”.

Mentioning that “hopefully in the current appeal there will be enough courage to rectify the error”, in the very high sanction requested by the prosecution”, he clarified: “yes there is (the error)”.

The singer-songwriter did not forget to end his comment with the phrases “Long live free Cuba” and “Down with the blockade”, to ratify his well-known support for the regime.

This Tuesday, the ISA board considered that the complaints against Abel González Lescay’s sentence are a “campaign that tries to appeal to the empathy of students and teachers, simplifying the facts for which he was sanctioned.”

According to ISA, “representatives of the institution attended the oral trial and attested to the practice of all constitutional guarantees.”

On March 17 Silvio Rodríguez express that the convictions of the participants in the popular protests of 11J were excessive, which allowed “Cuba’s enemies to harvest.”

“Let’s not allow it, being transparent and rectifying what needs to be rectified,” Rodríguez said.

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