Silver Series parades in Rio change address and now have cabins

Silver Series parades in Rio change address and now have cabins

The traditional carnival parades on Estrada Intendente Magalhães, in the neighborhood of Oswaldo Cruz, in the north of the city, which receives schools from the Evaluation Group and the Silver and Bronze Series — former access groups C, D and E — take place, starting this Sunday (19), in a new location: Avenida Ernani Cardoso, in Cascadura, also in the north zone.Silver Series parades in Rio change address and now have cabins

The infrastructure was modernized and strengthened, with lounge (space reserved for waiting or resting), cabins, stalls, food court and capacity for 5,000 people. The associations now have a walkway 400 meters (m) long and an 8m wide space to present their plot, which allows for an increase in the number of members in the wards, in addition to larger floats.

Historical address of the carioca revelry, the parades on Estrada Intendente Magalhães carried a “what” of root carnival. In the absence of political and financial power, many associations find a way “in love” to fulfill the mission of making the avenue beautiful, from not very well-known schools doing their job to old acquaintances hanging out on the avenue.

In all, 73 associations will pass through the New Intendant. Of this total, 19 schools are part of the Evaluation Group; 22, the Bronze Series; and 32, the Silver Series.

The parades, which serve as the basis for the Série Ouro and for the Special Group, will be held this Sunday (19), by the schools of the Evaluation Group; and, on Monday (20) and Tuesday (21), by the Bronze Series associations. Next week, on Friday (24) and Saturday (25), the Silver Series schools will parade.

Among passistas, percussionists, support staff and the general public, it is estimated that around 200,000 people will participate in this year’s parades. There will be five days of music and samba on foot, and admission is free.


According to Superliga Carnavalesca, the TV Brazil it transmits, for the whole country, the parades of the 32 samba schools of the Silver Series, which this year will give, exceptionally, three places for access to the Gold Series.

The parades will also be shown on TV Alerj, which has a signal restricted to Rio de Janeiro.

parade order

Assessment Group

On this Sunday, the Imperial Crown opens the Evaluation Group parades. Then come the Império de Brás de Pina schools; Reborn of Nova Iguaçu; Empire of Nova Iguaçu; Majesty of Samba; Guardians of Cappadocia; Spring Garden Flower; Union of Vilar Carioca; Youth of Porto; Academics of Anil; Crowned of Jacarepaguá; Shirt 10; Joy of Vilar; Balance of Irajá; United of Cosmos; Union of Campo Grande; TPM; Academics of Recreio and Colibri.

Bronze Series

On Monday, at 6 pm, the Unidos do Cabuçu takes to the track, followed by Guerreiros Tricolores; Red-Black Emperors; Mosque Shark; States of Manguinhos; Spell Carioca; United Youth of City of God; United of Kennedy Village; States of Barra Da Tijuca; Gato de Bonsucesso and Vicente de Carvalho.

Tuesday, at 6 pm, the first to parade is the Concentra Imperial school. Next, they present Difficult is the Name; Flamanguaça; Island Ox; United of Cabral; Academics from Jardim Bangu; Ricardian Empire; States of Villa Rica; Empire of Petropolis; Bangay and Chatuba from Mesquita.

Silver Series

On Friday of the following week, at 8 pm, Unidos de Lucas opens the Silver Series parades. Then, enter Avenida União do Parque Acari; Vila Santa Tereza; Red Black Race; Academics of Abolition;

Academics from Jacarepaguá; Academics of the Fish; Academicians from Rocinha; United of Jacarezinho; Pilares Caprichosos; Union of Maricá; Leão de Nova Iguaçu; Independent from Praça da Bandeira; Golden Rose; Academics from Santa Cruz and Engenho da Rainha.

On Saturday, at the same time, the Flor da Mina do Andaraí schools leave;

Botafogo Samba Club; Union of Curicica Park; Reborn from Jacarepaguá; Serene of Campo Grande; Richard wire; United Youth of Santa Marta; Grape Empire; Academics of Dendê; Cruzmaltine Union; Diversity Scholars; Cubango academics; Joy of the South Zone; Independent of Pottery; Arrastão de Cascadura and Unidos de São Cristovão.

*Intern under the supervision of Akemi Nitahara

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