Significantly Corrupt: Who is Juan Carlos Duarte?

Significantly Corrupt: Who is Juan Carlos Duarte?

Juan Carlos “Charly” Duarte was also declared Significantly Corrupt by the United States Government for his involvement in significant acts of corruption, including offering a bribe to a public official and interfering in public proceedings.

“Charly” is Legal Advisor of the Yacyretá Binational Entity. In previous years he was already questioned for numerous antecedents that link him to a tax evasion scheme in the East of the country.

He is also a close friend and right-hand man of the –until now- Vice President of the Republic, Hugo Velázquez. His relationship dates back to when he worked in the Superintendence of the Prosecutor’s Office in Ciudad del Este.

According to the United States, at the request of Vice President Velázquez, Duarte offered a bribe of more than US$1 million to a public official, an act consistent with an apparent pattern of shared corrupt activity. This was done to obstruct an investigation that threatened the Vice President and his financial interests.

At a press conference, Marc Ostfield reported on the latest rulings established by the American authorities.

Also declared eligible not to enter the United States were Lourdes María Andrea Samaniego González, Dionisio Adalberto Velázquez Giménez, Sonia Rebeca Velázquez Escauriza, Hugo José Velázquez Escauriza, Ninfa Concepción Vera and Tamara Duarte Martínez.

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